BCIT Forensic DNA Lab

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Project Overview

This website was designed and developed for the BCIT Forensic DNA Lab. They required an online showcasing of the services they offered while appealing towards future students as well. This site was created alongside Julian Santos, as our final project at the Technical Web Design program at BCIT. We made the site using WordPress with a theme that we created ourselves, and all original photography was done in the lab by myself.


  • Tie into the BCIT branding in a subtle way, but not copy the design of the BCIT institute site
  • BCIT logo to be incorporated onto every page
  • Parallax design elements rolled onto the main page
  • Mobile device friendly
  • A slider on the home page with 2-3 slides pulling pieces from the Student Projects, Case Studies, and Contact Us page
  • Include logos from the SCC indicating accreditation on the Home page
  • No list of services with pricing; the call-to-action should be to contact the lab for consultation
  • Visually appealing and attention grabbing with photos being the centrepiece of any case study or news article


The wireframes were created using Balsamiq – click on an image to view larger.


Final Design

The final design incorporates a colour scheme similar to standard BCIT branding. It is fully responsive and mobile device friendly, and implements all of the client’s requirements.

The live BCIT Forensic DNA Lab site can be viewed here, and is also in the BCIT Technical Web Design Program Showcase.