JavaScript / jQuery 101

Development #javascript #jquery

Design Brief

The challenge for this project was to create a 3 page website on the topic of JavaScript and/or jQuery in a tutorial format.


  • Cover various techniques
  • Implement an original and creative design
  • Tutorials must be originally written and include a demonstration

Main focus: originality, quality, and creativity of the design.

Final Design

I showcased my tutorials in a way that would be easy for a true beginner to start integrating JavaScript and jQuery into their projects. When I started to learn JS/jQuery, I found that tutorials were often hard to follow, or hard to know where to get started. With that in mind, I made my tutorials very step-by-step. To do this, I created a long-scrolling page so that the user would be able to start at the top and work their way downwards through the steps. When following each step, they have the option to click through different accordion tabs to view the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript required to complete the demo.

The live site can be viewed here, and is also in the BCIT Technical Web Design Program Showcase.