La Cantina

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Project Overview

The challenge for this project was to design the visual identity and menu for La Cantina, a fictional Mexican restaurant – including at least 25 items with descriptions and prices.

Design Brief

La Cantina is a small Mexican restaurant and bar, based in Santa Cruz, California. They are family-owned and run, and have been in business since 1998. Their main feature is make-your-own tacos, and are very well known for their tapas menu as well. Santa Cruz locals won’t go anywhere else for drinks, as La Cantina has some of the best cocktails and beers around.


La Cantina’s primary audience consists of both males and females between 25 and 35 years old. These are mainly locals of Santa Cruz, although the friendly, traditional Mexican vibe draws in tourists as well. Many of these locals are regulars at the bar, and La Cantina has kept many favourites on the menu because of this.

Branding & Logo Design

La Cantina has kept the same menu design since their opening in 1998. Now that they’re drawing in a younger crowd, they would like to freshen up their look while keeping the same old-style, traditional feel.

La Cantina logo

Menu Design

La Cantina Menu mockup

La Cantina Website

After creating the visual identity and menu design for La Cantina, I turned the look and feel of the menu into a full website for the restaurant.

View the live site here.